Tutorial for ms. Scully Antoinette

May I introduce ms. Scully Antoinette. Let's add some colour to her pale appearance!

1. I used water-colour pencils to colour her hair. I used two different tints to add life in the colour. I left some white in the middle so that picture doesn't look too stuffed. If you are doing the first colouring in your life with water-colour pencils be sure to test what happens to the colour when you soften it up with water. Sometimes the colour tone might be significantly brighter. I highly recommend a beginner to use lighter tones. With lighter tones mistakes don't pop out so easily. If you are feeling brave or are used to colouring with watercolour pencils, you can use darker tones.

2. Soften the colour with a wet brush. I used small detail brush at the edges, in the middle section I used big brush. Don’t rub, just sweep delicately.

3. I suggest to colour all the pictures in the decorations sheet even if you wouldn't use all of them in the final work. The paper stays straight better when the sheet is whole. You can get more depth to your colour by adding more colour to the shadows and then softening it again.  Water-colour spreads really intensively on wet paper. You can repeat this step until the tones are strong enough. When you are ready with colouring, leave the sheets to dry. To keep the paper straight, you can leave them under heavy weight when they are dry. Under a big pile of encyclopaedias for example. 

4. Cut the decorations out. You will need a precision knife for the holes in the tiara.  You can also colour the tiara holes with the same colour as the hair. If you choose to do this, bear in mind that tiara does not cover all of the head. So you should mark the borders of the hair and the background.

5. Be sure to colour the sides of the drawings too. This can smoothen out the end results of bad cut and really pop out the pictures from the background. Use a rather dark tone.

6. Compose. This is the best phase! Take your time.

7. When you are pleased with the composition, attach decorations with two sided tape.

Tutorial for My Family -family tree

Who said you can't choose your relatives? Now you can!

1. To this demo I chose interesting characters from movies, music, science etc. (There is nothing wrong with my relatives though!) I scaled and cropped these new relatives already to the right form, but you can also cut relatives from papers. It is important that you scale them to right frame size, here I used the biggest frame size of the set. If you have die cutter, you can make your own frames from colored paper. You don't have to do this with pictures, you also can do this only with written names and dates. There are many opportunities to do this, it's up to you.

2. Choose colors and test them to extra paper. It is also good idea to test how colors look after you soften them with water, some shades may come out more brighter (as happens later with yellow!). If you are beginner it is wise to start with light shades. If you make mistakes, they don't show up so clearly.

3. I used ochre brown for the three and golden yellow for the sky. I added color only to the edges of the leaves, and mostly on the edges of the tree. Leave some air to the colouring so that the end result looks fresh.

4. Soften color with wet brush. I used small detail brush at the edges, in the middle section I used big brush. Don't rub, just sweep delicately.

5. Yellow came out so bright, that I had to blend it with some old pink after paper was dry.


6. As you can see, I have coloured the roses very roughly with old pink and some hints of yellow.

7. Soften color with water. You can deepen the shades with adding another layer of color to the shades and then softening again. When paper is moist, it absorbs more color from the pencil and colors are more intensive. You can do adding and blending as many times you need, and when you are ready with coloring, let work dry properly.  If paper is crumbly, you can put it under some heavy book etc after work is dry to make it straight.


8. Cut the decorations. (I have to warn you about the butterfly's antennas… I don't have that kind of mind&scissor control that I would be able to do i, so I cut them off. Brutal.) Color also the edges of the decorations. It makes them more visible and coloring also hides like a magic all the not-so-well-cut parts. The demo pic is from another tutorial, so don't panic if you don't have diamond and curls in your set. I forgot to shoot this part, sorry :) 

9. Write names/dates to the decor, or you can print them if u like. Glue pictures to the frames. If u want to use ribbon/thread to the branches, cut it to right length. To this I used 8 threads, but I'm sure that 2mm ribbon would look nice also.

10. Test the layout with all decorations and frames. If you think that it would need some more color, this would be the right moment to do so. You can delicately mark with pencil the right spots of each deco. Mark the center place of each picture to the base picture and put piece of two sided tape on it.

11. Attach strings/ribbons to their places. After that you can attach rest of the decorations.

10. It is ready. Adore!